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Donate Boots


It's all about the boots!

Boots mean the world to a budding footballer. If you have a pair of football boots that you want to donate, please pack them up, email us and we will arrange collection from you. We also ask that you send a special message to the person receiving them.


Do the boots have to be new?

NO, boots in any useful condition are always welcome. We ask that all boots are in pairs and not beyond reasonable use. Please don’t send broken boots, or ones with studs missing etc.

Are you looking for any particular sizes?

NO, we have children and adolescents of all ages, so please send any size you have.

Do these children understand English language?

Some do and some will not. But there is nearly always someone who will happily read your message and translate it for the person receiving the boots.

Will I ever know who has received the boots?

Currently, we are delivering the boots personally by hand ourselves to the children and teenagers throughout the world who need them. You can be assured your football boots are going to be put to good use and we will never sell them on for profit.

What sort of message shall I write?

It’s up to you of course, but we suggest something inspiring and fun. Remember, these old boots of yours will be a fabulous gift, so don’t underestimate how valuable they are!