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Turning dreams into reality for football mad kids.

I’m what you might describe as football mad too! I love watching it, and fortunately for me both my sons love playing it; one at a semi professional level.
I’ve stood on the sidelines in the rain and snow, washed kit, cut oranges, and nearly put Uber out of business with my taxi service.

But the one thing I noticed during this time was over the years how many pairs of boots the kids get through.


I was sorting through the cupboards and was shocked to find 12 pairs of boots – some virtually brand new. It got me thinking to the families out there who can’t afford to buy boots for their children, and here I was with surplus pairs.

Donate football boots

Donate football boots

Surely there was something good that could come out of this. I didn’t want to just sell them on Ebay, I wanted to make a difference and however small a gesture that might be, it was better than doing nothing.

While in holiday in Monetengro  I watched boys playing matches wearing broken plimsolls or boots with holes that were either too big or too small!

If I had 12 pairs collecting dust, how many other soccer mums and dads had cupboards full of boots that could go to a new home. I put the two together and decided that I’d collect old boots, clean them ’til they were almost like new (I’ve had a lot of practice with this!) and send them out to the kids who really needed them.

My ultimate goal is to send boots all over the world, talk about making connection from the Philippines to Uganda… or wherever a ball is kicked.

From one soccer mum to another, have you a pair you can donate? It’s not always possible for us to do the big gestures, but one small act of kindness goes a long way. And who knows, those boots could start the career of the next Pele or Messi or Ronaldo…. O jogo bonito, the beautiful game.