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What would you do with all the money in the world…

Read the story of a woman who saw a need and met it. Marianna set up a foundation to donate unwanted football boots to disadvantaged children across the world. You can help today; it's simple and straight forward.
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Inspiring youth through football

From truant to exceptional young footballer; just one success story. All it takes is someone to believe in you and give you an opportunity. With the MT foundation you can be part of the solution and give a child a future.
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Turning dreams into reality

Some countries have many refugees, orphans and youth with no role models. There is a growing concern that there is no opportunity, funding or future… The MT Foundation is changing that with your help. All you need to do is declutter your unwanted football boots and donate them to the foundation. It's a win-win!
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Who Are We?

The MT Foundation is a Non profit organisation founded in 2013 by Marianna Tomasevic; mother to a semi professional footballer. She knows first hand how expensive football boots can be!

Who We Help

We help thousands of disadvantaged children and teens worldwide. Many countries have lots of refugees, orphans and youth with no role models but with a passion and skill for football.

What We do?

We deliver football boots collected from donations and personally deliver them all across the world. Each pair contains a personal message from the person donating to the recipient.

How You Can Help

donate-boots-1-300x148All we ask is that you contact us, donate your unwanted football boots and give a disadvantaged child the opportunity to play football, have fun and get fit. We leave the youth of the world feeling inspired, healthy and happy with a brighter future.


Jovan’s Story

Jovan“I loved to play football with my friends, but I often had bad pains in my feet. My Mom said it was because the stones and rocks were hurting me.

I only had one pair of shoes and was not allowed to wear them when I played football. One day I was given a pair of football boots. I was so happy I started to play every day. I am now a good player and part of a local team. The manager says the boots inspired me to play better, I am so grateful! ”


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How to Donate Football Boots

Donating is easy! If you have a pair of football boots in any usable condition, we will arrange pick up from you and will personally deliver them to a child in need. All you have to do is parcel them up, email us and we will collect them; either personally or via courier. PLEASE do include a personal message on a piece of paper or a card. Your gift is so valuable and will bring many days of fun and inspiration to a young child. For more details about how to donate boots click here